The Bowshot is a collection of spiritual impressions – fragments gathered up.  The thoughts published here don’t belong to the writer in any sense.  Some are gleaned from the ministry of the word, others gained during inquiries into the scriptures in the assembly, and others have been given through prayer, reflection, and personal study of the word of God.  Insofar as what’s written here is the truth, it comes, not from me but from God.  If it’s God’s truth, then it belongs to the whole of Christ’s assembly (or ‘Church’).  It belongs to every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and it’s the responsibility of each of us to take up the truth.

In Matthew 25 v 14-31, the man going away out of the country distributed talents to his bondmen, so that he would find an increase on his return as a result of their trading.  Perhaps I’m a bondmen of little ability, and only given the care of one talent – I still need to trade with it.  When the man returns, he says to the good and faithful bondmen, “Enter thou into the joy of thy lord”.  Whatever the Lord has entrusted to us, it is in view of His joy, and our blessing.  That impression has encouraged me to undertake this small service.

There’s another exercise which has led me to publish a few spiritual thoughts.  There are many dear believers scattered throughout Christendom, entangled in the systems of men – themselves exercised about the state of things which surrounds them.  If just one sentence written here, perhaps a scripture quoted, is a help to any seeking soul, then it’ll have been worthwhile.  Also, if any soul, weighed down by the burden of their sins, as yet not securely resting on the finished work of the Saviour, is brought to Him by what work the Lord may graciously do here, then there’ll be joy in heaven, another addition to the great host of the redeemed.  The title of this website, The Bowshot, is a reference to these exercises.  Perhaps a bow shot at a venture will accomplish some result in the purposes of God.

I begin this collection of thoughts with some trepidation, I have to admit.  I know my weakness and failure, a sad history through which Jesus has never failed me nor forsaken me.  Instead, He has patiently taught me – and still teaches me – the need for daily, hourly dependence on Him, and nearness to His blessed side.  The more I learn my own frailty, the more I come to appreciate the love, grace, power, and service of divine Persons.  For the believer in the Lord Jesus, the Internet presents many and varied challenges, as well as opportunities.  Having an online presence calls for wisdom – something I lack naturally.  I might shrink from the challenges, but thanks be to God that He “has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power, and of love, and of wise discretion.” (2 Timothy 1 v 6).  He has given us the scripture, “that the man of God may be complete, fully fitted to every good work.” (2 Timothy 3 v 17).  The 2nd epistle to Timothy is written in view of a broken day, full of challenges.  The Almighty God is able for each and every one of them.


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